Sports at WMS

Sports Physicals at Warren Middle School


All sports physicals must be reviewed and approved by the school physician PRIOR to any tryouts or practice.  This is required by N.J.A.C. and is necessary for the safety of our athletes. A sports physical consists of a parent completed health history form and a physician completed physical form.

A Good Rule of Thumb to remember: A sports physical examination after April 1st of any year, is good for the entire next school year.

The N.J. Sports Physical Form can be downloaded here:

NJ Sports Physical Form



All completed forms will be forwarded to the school physician for approval. All parents will receive a written notice of student eligibility from the school physician as required by NJ Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 6A:16 – Programs to support student development.


Additionally, as required by Code, “each student whose medical examination was completed more than 90 day prior to the first practice session shall provide a health history update of medical problems experienced since the last medical examination. This must be completed and signed by the parent.” If your student has a valid physical previously submitted, you will need to complete a medical update form prior to participation in tryouts.

The N.J. Health History Update form can be downloaded here: 

Health History Update


Tips for completing sports participation forms:

 Schedule physical appointments as early as possible. Physicals for sports participation must be completed within 365 days of the beginning of the season.  Summer is the best time to have an exam, since your student will be cleared for the entire school year. If your exam expires during the season, please schedule a new one within 1-2 days of the expiration date.2.   Fill in all the blanks! Be sure all information is complete before you leave the physician’s office. Vision and pulse are two spots commonly overlooked. There are minimum vision requirements for sports participation. Make sure your child has a vision check with any needed contacts/glasses to avoid delays in approval.

 3.   Explain all “yes” answers on parent form. Utilize the space provided to explain any “yes” response. This form is reviewed by your child’s physician and by the school physician along with the physical. The physician or member of the physician’s staff must sign that the health history form was reviewed at the time of the exam.  Any information you can give to clarify information will speed the process.

 4.   Anticipate that your child will try sports. Submitting a physical does not require your child to participate, but easily allows for their participation if they choose to.  Any student participating in intramural or interscholastic sports needs the required documentation.

 5.   Remember these requirements are for your child’s safety! Please do not ask the nurse or coach to let your child participate without the required documentation. We are required to follow NJ Administrative Code to participate in interscholastic and intramural sports.