Attendance Information

Attendance Office:

Absences must be called in to the Attendance Office  Absence line.   Please call the main number 908-753-5300, press 1 for Middle School and then press 1 for the Absence line.

The attendance office requires that you provide: The date of the absence, the student's name, and reason for absence.

If your child goes to a physician, please obtain a physician's note stating the student's full name, and date of absence. 

If your child is out due to a religious obligation please contact the Attendance office and the absence will show on your child's attendance record as a "3" - religious holiday excused. The Attendance codes are as follows:

Attendance Codes:  =Present | 1=Absent | 8=Tardy | 2=Absent - never attended | 3=Religious Holiday - Excused | 5=Half day's absence | 7=Home Instruction | 9=IEP Exempt from Attendance | 4=Out-of-School Suspension | 6=Truant - Unexcused |


If you know that your child will be tardy, please contact the Attendance office to let them know that your child will be arriving late to school.

If your child will be late, but will arrive before 9:00 a.m., then you do not have to call the Attendance line.

All students must sign in at the main office when arriving late to school.

All tardies are considered unexcused unless  the student has a physician's note

Unexcused tardies can be subject to discipline

If a student misses more than three periods, they will not be able to participate in any interscholastic or after school activities.

Early Dismissals from School: 

Written notes must be sent into the Main Office/Attendance Office in the morning of the early dismissal. Notes must contain the student's name, time of dismissal, and parent cell/work number.

Parent/Guardians must come into the Main Office with their license to sign students out.

If a student is returning to school after an early dismissal for a physician appointment, they must sign in at the Main Office/Attendance Office. Students may enter the building unaccompanied.

Nurse Home: 

If a student is ill while in school, they MUST go to the nurse's office. If the student needs to go home, a parent/guardian is required to sign the student out at the Main Office/Attendance office.

If a student is sent home by the nurse due to illness they will be unable to participate in any interscholastic or after school activities that day.

Extended Absences:

Please call the Attendance Office with the dates that the student will be absent.



Homework can be requested for your student after the second day of an absence. Requests for homework can be made to the Guidance secretary at extension: 5006.

Homework is picked up in the Main Office at the end of the day.