Mrs. Lontai's Website

Nurse Notes
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Notes from the nurse
General Office Information
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Information on absences, medications, and when to keep your child home.
Seasonal Information
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Tips on allergies, head lice, and more.
6th Grade Immunizations
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requirements for entering 6th grade
Get Fit!!
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Fitness is an lifelong skill that should be incorporated into daily life.
A calendar
Watch the daily pollen count and tips to help your children survive the season.
Working Papers
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Your child got a summer job! Great! Here's the process for getting those working papers done!
Lice Information
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Information for parents about lice
Sports at WMS
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A quick reference for sports at WMS
Attendance Information
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Find information about how to call in an absence and what to do if you need to pick up your child early
Winter Weather
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Avoiding Absences during the Winter season
Tips for Physically and Emotionally Health kids
Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Ovid provides great tips for raising great kids!
Fishing Derby
Annual Fishing Derby May 21st!
Fiber-Rich Foods for Kids
Fiber is part of what fuels a child's normal growth and development. This article provides great information on getting more fiber in your childs diet