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Library Services


Web/wiki-65.png Email and phone number for Mrs. La Neve
Battle of the Books
Web/wiki-65.png 2017/2018 Battle of the Books List
Central School Library Catalog
Web/wiki-65.png Browse through our school's books using Destiny.
5th Grade- Website Evaluation
General/books.png Website Evaluation websites & Assessment Survey
Library Databases
Web/wiki-65.png World Book & Ebsco.
Makerspace Resources
Web/wiki-65.png Websites for you to DIY, create and imagine!
Digital Passport
Web/at.png Links to help become a better "Digital Citizen"
iBuild Club
General/science.png Links and Videos
administration/link.png Google's Internet Awesome Digital Citizenship website
Learning Lab Survey
administration/forms.png Please fill out this survey.
Search Shark
administration/default.png Digital Passport Module
Evolve - Cyberbullying
administration/j0439398[1].png Digital Passport Module