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Settlers founded Warren Township in the Seventeenth Century and officially incorporated in 1806. There were two schools in 1840. In 1847, the town elected a Superintendent of Schools replacing the lay committee of three. The annual report of the Board of Education for 1879 gave the number of school age students as 437 and the total school budget as $1,742.80. 

By 1880, there were five school districts-- Smalleytown, Dead River, Independent, Warrenville, and Springdale, each served by a one room schoolhouse. The Township Committee exercised direct control over the school system setting up the budget and dispensing funds.

In 1931, the town created Central School through a special election and in 1946, an addition was put on the building. Central more then doubled in 1963, and served as a K-8 school until 1972. The town open Woodland School in September of 1953, doubled it in 1959, and added to it in 1963.

Due to the decline of enrollment within the district since 1974, both Woodland School and Washington Valley were closed and leased (all or part) to private schools. The Board of Education authorized Warren Township's participation in the Watchung Hills Regional High School since 1954. The Mount Horeb School opened in September of 1966 and Warren Middle School opened in 1972. The district opened the Angelo L. Tomaso School (formerly Washington Valley) on September 1, 1991. Woodland School was reopened on September 1, 1998. We now have a total of four K-5 elementary schools and one grades 6-8 middle school.

Voters approved a referendum in June that will allow expansion of two of our schools. Mount Horeb School will be increased by 135 students to a maximum capacity of 460 pupils in grades K-5. Middle School will be increased by 200 students to allow a maximum capacity of 900 pupils in grades 6-8. Construction was completed in September 2001.

Construction was completed in September 2002 that allowed for expansion of two of our schools. Mount Horeb School was expanded to allow for a maximum capacity of 460 pupils in grades K-5. A new gymnasium was added to reduce the demand on the all-purpose room for physical education classes. A new wing at Warren Middle School was completed to allow for an additional 300 students, providing a maximum capacity of 1,000 pupils in grades 6-8. An additional gym facility was provided to address the needs of the physical education classes at the Middle School.

Learn more about our town. Visit the Warren Township Website at: www.warrennj.org