The Pollen count for the week of March 28th, 2022 is 6.8 or, medium. The predominant pollens are:


- Juniper

- Maple


How can you help your child find relief?

- Take allergy medication at home daily. Many allergy medications are non-drowsy, but if the one that is working for your child is not, be sure to take it at night around 7:30 p.m.

- Pollen counts tend to be highest in the evening, so keep your children indoors during that time if possible.

- When outside be sure to remove clothes and shower to remove pollen that may have attached itself to your hair or clothes.

- Be sure to dry clothes inside rather than outside

- Nasal Sprays, Allergy eye drops, and allergy medication are the triple threat that is usually needed to combat most allergies. Nasal Sprays such as Nasacort help relieve that allergies but must be used daily. Do not self prescribe nasal medications, many can have rebound effects that make nasal congestion worse. Please consult with your MD prior to starting any nasal medication.



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