Grading policy

 Mrs. Degen – Grading Policy


Grades are determined on a point system. Each homework assignment, test, quest, quiz, project, group project, research tasks, class assignments, and written assignments will be assigned a point value. A general guideline is homework assignments are 5 - 20 points, tests are 80 - 150 points and quizzes are 20 - 120 points.  Group projects, essays, journals and film reviews generally range from 25 – 150 points.  Written assignments generally range from 2 – 50 points. An assignment’s point value will be determined in advance and by the effort needed for the assignment. Assignments are usually given in advance and posted in Google Classroom. If you are absent, it is a good idea to check Google Classroom for assignments. If nothing is posted, be sure to see me during WIN when you return to see what you missed.

 I can not emphasize enough how important it is to complete all assignments, and complete them on or before the due date. Even one missed assignment can severely impact your grade. You will find that this year you are required to complete your work on time and completely. Because you are heading off to high school next year, you will have to become more responsible for your work and your grades. If you have any questions about a particular grade or assignment, please speak to me before or after class or during WIN. Sending me an email the night before an assignment is due is not an excuse for not handing in the assignment. There are few, if any good excuses for not completing your work on time.




*A quote from Mrs. Degen’s Honors Trigonometry teacher; he was a former Marine drill sergeant!