Homework Policy

HOMEWORK POLICY - Mrs. Degen - 8th grade Social Studies

         Homework assignments are given to enhance a student’s understanding of a lesson or to
prepare for a new lesson. I do not give homework just to give homework; the assignments
are necessary and important to student comprehension. Even if you do not have a
particular assignment, you should review your class notes and activities on a frequent
basis. Homework tends to be a rarity in my class; however, when homework is assigned, you really do need to complete it. 

Usually, homework is assigned several days in advance of its due date, thereby allowing
you flexibility to schedule appropriate time to complete the assignment.
Because you are entering high school next year, I expect you to become independent
learners. Therefore, if you have a question, suggestion, issue or comment, I expect my 8th
grade students to take the initiative and send me an email or see me personally. I am
available during WIN most days, as well as before school often. I recommend that you ask
me questions well before the assignment is due. If you wait until the last minute to do
your homework,(for example, 10 o'clock at night the day before it is due)  you may not be able to reach me with your question. If you email me the night before an assignment is due, there is a chance that I will not see your email that night. Sending an email does NOT absolve you of responsibility for the assignment. Please plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress for us both.

Homework is checked and reviewed by me and is an integral part of both the student’s mastery of the material and part of the student’s grade. Please do not choose not to do your homework.

Late homework and assignments will have points deducted for lateness. Sloppy or incomplete work or work that is clearly not the student’s best effort will be downgraded. I can usually tell when you have slapped some work together during guide, rather than take the time to give your best effort. The high school provides strict penalties for late homework; I am trying to get you into the mode of good study habits and class preparation so that you can succeed next year.

Homework and assignments will be posted in Google classroom and not on this website.