Staff Spotlight

Genny Trenson Hired in 1988, Genny Trenson is the Main Office Secretary at Mt. Horeb School. She does so much for everyone in the building! Mrs. Trenson greets students, staff and parents with her warm, welcoming smile. She updates PowerSchool, ... View article

Buddy to Buddy

The Buddy to Buddy program at Mt. Horeb School began in 2011. It was developed by Guidance Counselor Dr. Kelly Stankiewicz, along with Mr. William Kimmick who had been Principal at the time, and who is currently the Curriculum Coordinator for the ... View article

READ Posters from Mrs. Alger's​ Broadcast Journalism Class

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Staff Spotlight

Left to Right: Suzanne Lathrop and Ginny Lakatos Mrs. Ginny Lakatos is a Secretary in the main office of Warren Middle School.  She was hired in 1991 and knows the requirements and responsibilities of the job inside and out!  Mrs. Lakatos ... View article

Mock Trials

Thirty-six 7th and 8th graders from Warren Middle School presented three mock trial cases at the Warren Township Court House on December 22, 2014 with the Honorable Judge Mark Adler presiding. The students, who are all participants in the Enrichment ... View article

Counselor's Corner: January

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Kindergarten Registration 2015 View article

Staff Spotlight

Left to Right: Calvin James and Chris Bacia   Chris Bacia, Calvin James, and Fred Quinlan are part of our Skilled Maintenance Team, who work for the Buildings & Grounds Department. Chris was hired in 2003 and is responsible for Angelo L. ... View article

Pride in Our Schools: December 2014

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Staff Spotlight

Left to Right: Diane Bonanno, Tyler Tribelhorn, and Kevin Potter Tyler Tribelhorn is our Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds and a Certified Educational Facilities Manager. He has worked for Warren Township Schools since 1992. He manages ... View article

Librarians' Corner: December

NonfictionByrd & Igloo by Samantha SeipleIn the early 1900s, explorer Admiral Byrd was determined to be the first person to fly over both the North and South Poles.  As he set out to achieve his goals, his trusty fox terrier named Igloo was ... View article

Staff Spotlight

Left to Right: Pat MacNamara, Tim Ely, Lance Riegler and Ken Creedon   The Warren Township IT Team consists of four hard-working individuals. Lance Riegler has worked for the district for 18 years and is the IT Director. He likes keeping ... View article

Preschool Registration

Warren Township Announces Registration For 3 and 4 Year Old Preschool Classes  Warren Township Public Schools is pleased to once again offer our integrated preschool classes for 3 year old and 4 year old Warren Township ... View article

The Scientific Method

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Staff Spotlight

Warren Township Schools is fortunate to have an array of talented individuals working as Paraprofessionals throughout the five schools in our district.  Multi-duty Paraprofessionals are involved with classroom needs such as copying resource ... View article

Career Expo 2014

Research demonstrates that providing students with career education at an early age is beneficial for several reasons. It opens doors for students by presenting an array of options, motivating them to research and pursue new interests.  It ... View article

A look at PARCC and what it means to Warren Township students

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Character Counts!

More than 10 curriculum writing opportunities were offered prior to the 2014-2015 school year in Warren Township Schools. Representing each of the five schools in the PreK-8 district, all seven Guidance Counselors met to develop a new comprehensive ... View article

Staff Spotlight

MaryGrace Suitovsky joined the Business Office in 2003 and is currently the district's Assistant Business Administrator.  She works diligently with Carrie Grapstein to ensure a smooth payroll for employees and substitutes. Mrs. Suitovsky works ... View article

ROD grant

The Warren Township school district is pleased to have received a ROD (Regular Operating District) grant which will provide 40% of the funding for the roof replacement at one of the district’s four elementary school buildings, Mt. Horeb ... View article

Counselors' Corner

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Librarians' Corner: November

NonfictionThe Case of the Vanishing Honeybees:  A Scientific Mystery by Sandra MarkleOne beekeeper was perplexed to discover that most of the bees in his 400 hives had died.  As it turned out, this was not a local problem.  Beginning ... View article

Staff Spotlight

​After working as a Paraprofessional for 15 years at Central School, and for the Special Services Department after that, Anne Frank became Secretary at Woodland School in April 2014. She works hard to make sure each day runs smoothly. Mrs. Frank ... View article

Energy Savings

Mrs. Hildy Jackson, Energy Education Specialist, reported that to date, Warren Township Schools has saved over $962,000. Beginning in July 2007, the district enrolled in an energy conservation program. Originally called Energy Education, it is now ... View article

Staff Spotlight

As a secretary in the Office of the Superintendent, Mrs. Linda Miller has supported four Superintendents over the past 19 years. She currently assists Dr. Tami Crader, as well as all Warren Township staff on a daily basis. Mrs. Miller fields Aesop ... View article
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