Planning for Elementary Growth Overview and Information

2023/2024 School Zone Information 

(Updated 11/18/2022)

On Monday, November 14, 2022 letters were sent to current K-4 families with specific details about changes to the 2023/2024 K-5 school zones.  

Below, you will find the rezoning proposal, supporting documents and guidance, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  In addition, all of the information from the 2021-2022 Working Group can be found on this site.

The updated zones will be on the Warren Township Board of Education’s November 21, 2022 meeting agenda for approval.

Warren Township School District Rezoning Proposal: 

  • The proposal includes rezoning maps, current enrollment and projected enrollment by building, and appendices that include streets to be rezoned for the 2023-2024 school year.

Proposed Attendance Zone Map and Street Name List:

  • This document includes a quick reference to the the proposed school zones and streets to be rezoned.

School Zones - 2022/2023 → 2023/2024:

  • This document lists all Warren Township streets with school zone assignments for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024. 
  • This is the document that the Board will be acting on at its November 21, 2022 meeting.

Parent/Guardian Resource - Talking to My Child About a Change of School:  

  • School counselors and administrators developed a series of talking points that parents may find helpful to use when discussing a school change as a result of rezoning.  
  • Parents/guardians of students remaining in their current school who have a close friend moving to a new school may also find the tips helpful.

Elementary School Rezoning Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Members of the public can view FAQs about the rezoning process.  A link is provided at the bottom of the FAQ so members of the public can submit questions.  

Elementary School Rezoning Parent/Guardian Presentation 11/17/2022:

  • Parents were provided the opportunity to meet with their current school principal, next year's school principal, guidance counselors, and Dr. Mingle.  This presentation was used to inform the evening's discussion.


2022-2023 Information

In April 2022, the Board of Education unanimously approved a recommendation from the Elementary Growth Working Group.  This resolution directed that the following steps be addressed by the district:

  • Maintain the current elementary building structure
  • Develop plans to rezone the four elementary schools
  • Implement this plan for September 2023

Information about the rezoning process will be posted on this site for members of the public.  Please visit the site to see updated FAQs, public presentations, and timelines.  

Please click the links below to review public presentations and documents related to Planning for Elementary Growth and elementary school rezoning: 

Strategic Plan Update - 10/18/22 - Presented at the October 17th Board of Education Meeting

Elementary School Rezoning Implementation Timeline - 10/18/22 - Presented at the October 17th Board of Education Meeting

Demographic, Facility and Redistricting Study - Ross Haber, Ed. D - September 2022


2021-2022 Information

The Planning for Elementary Growth Working Group is comprised of teachers, parents, staff, and board of education members representing the district's four elementary schools.   This group will be working over the next several months on the district’s Strategic Plan goal to develop a recommendation that puts forth the best possible learning experience for all students within the context of changing enrollment patterns in the elementary schools.

Please click the links below to review public presentations about the Planning for Elementary Growth work.

A parent and community survey was conducted in November 2021 to gather input from various stakeholder groups.    The results of the survey are intended to inform the community input process.  The results can be found at the links below:

A preK-5 staff survey was conducted in October 2021 to gather staff input.  The results of the survey are intended to inform the community input process.  Staff survey results can be found at the links below:

The following articles, although not Warren Township specific, provide overviews of the limited research regarding school configuration.  The articles are intended to provide context and background information that is relevant to the discussion about potential enrollment growth and district planning for the various stakeholders represented on the Planning for Elementary Growth Working Group.