Procedures, Rules and Supplies



1. Make Smart Choices 

2. Follow Directions Quickly

3. Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy

4. Remember Rule #3!


Classroom Supplies

Please be sure to obtain the following supplies for class no later than Monday, September 18th

  1. A 1.5” 3 ring binder.
  2. Plenty of paper.
  3. 4 notebook dividers with tabs. Label these tabs as (1)Textbook packet, (2)Homework/Workbook, (3)Notes/Classwork, (4)Test/Quiz.
  4. A 2-pocket folder to put inside your binder.
  5. 1 highlighter
  6. Plenty of pens and pencils.
  7. 3X 5 Index Card to make flash cards. Please KEEP THESE AT HOME UNTIL WE NEED
    THEM!!  (These need to be kept in zip lock bags by lesson so you don't lose them.)
  8. 2 dry erase markers and an old clean sock