Grade Policy - Chinese

Mandarin Chinese Grading Policy

 Based on total points system per marking period: 

    • Class work and participation – around 30%
    • Tests – around 25%
    • Projects – around 20%
    • Quizzes – around 15%
    • Homework – around 10%

In order to achieve maximum success as a class, all students need to participate on a
on a daily basis. Daily participation allows you to take risks and grow through trial and error.
It is vital to remain POSITIVE! Keep an open mind! Show me your effort! Speak in Chinese!

Everyone makes mistakes. It is a fundamental part of acquiring a second language. 

This may be frustrating at first, but hang in there! You will soon become accustomed to this

and be able to understand more and more. Remember that I am here to help you succeed!


Class work involves the completion of work (written assignments, oral activities, in-class

projects, etc.), which is done in class. It also includes your daily preparation for class and

persistence in staying on task.



Test and vocabulary quizzes will be given for each unit taught during the year. All quizzes

and test will be announced at least a week in advance. You will be well prepared to take

these assessments on test day. It is important to avoid procrastination. Tests and quizzes

are less stressful and more successful when you study days in advance of the test.



Projects and long-term assignments are due on the assigned date during the assigned class

period. Students who turn in late assignments will lose 10% of the grade each day for 5 days.

After 5 days the project or long-term assignment will not be accepted. (Example: If a project

was worth 100 points and the student turned it in one day late the student's maximum grade

would be 90 with any deductions take from the 90. On the second day late the student's

maximum grade would be 80 with deductions taken from the 80.)



Homework will be posted in google classroom.

Homework will be graded upon effort and punctuality. It is an “All or Nothing” homework policy.

In order to receive full credit for the homework assignment, the assignment must be completed

and present in the classroom on the date it is due.  With any other circumstances such as late,

missing, in locker, half-completed etc., the assignment will be given zero credit.


Work missed due to illness or family emergency will be due the day after they return. 


Arrive on time and prepared. 

All students who are absent are responsible for obtaining the material that was missed.


Students requiring extra help need to schedule time with me before or after school.