7th Grade Health Information


Welcome to 7th Grade Health!

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    Warren Middle School

7th Grade Health Class Syllabus

Teacher Information

Name: Mrs. Danielle Buzby

Phone: 908-753-5300 x6024

E-Mail: dbuzby@warrentboe.org

Course Description

The Health cycle, which is 36 days long, discusses the following topics:  Pubertal/Adolescent Changes; Endocrine System (Anatomy & Physiology); Female Reproductive System (Anatomy & Physiology); Male Reproductive System (Anatomy & Physiology); Pregnancy/Childbirth (Mother/Fetus Development and Female Body Changes); and Tobacco; Marijuana; Inhalants (Short & Long Term Side Effects/Social, Emotional, and Physical Consequences).

Grading Scale

A+, A-, A = 90-100                                          D = 60-69
B+, B-, B = 80-89                                            F = below 60
C+, C-, C = 70-79                                            I = Incomplete

Grading System

Seventh Grade Possible Point Accumulation:

Quiz (1):                                    =15 points

Quiz (2):                                    = 25 points

Quiz (3):                                    = 15 points 

Class work:                               = 15 points 

Ready Responses:                    = 25 points 

Exit Tickets:                              = 10 points 

Hot Topics:                               = 20 points 

Storyboard That Project:        = 20 points 

Attitude/Participation:           = 5 points 

Packet:                                      = 5 points


Total:                                         = 155 points*

*Please note, this is the absolute most amount of points that can be accumulated.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, certain projects and/or quizzes may be eliminated during the cycle.


Makeup Work

Students may come and see me during their lunch/guide time to make up

any missed work. If a student is absent from school due to illness or family obligations, he/she will receive the work that was missed upon his/her return to school.  Extra time needed for making up work will be discussed on an individual basis.  If a student is absent on a Quiz day, then that student is expected to take the quiz upon his or her return. Once the cycle has ended, the student will have (2) days to complete a quiz, review questions from the textbook, reflection/review questions and/or an in-class project due to an absence(s) on the last day(s) of the cycle. Again, the Health cycles are short in duration so there is a time-sensitive issue here.


Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations

  • Report to Room 29 every day during the cycle that you have been assigned to. Please be quiet upon entering the room and look at the board for further directions.
  • Bring your Chromebook to class every day.
  • Please have a blue or black pen and a pencil every day.
  • Please be on time to class and sit in assigned seats given.
  • Please get in the habit of checking the whiteboard, smartboard, assignment board, and google classroom page for announcements and classwork.
  • Respect one another by listening attentively while they are speaking.
  • Always raise your hand. Please do not call out during class.
  • NO food, drinks, candy, or GUM in the classroomWater bottles are permitted. 
  • Bathroom breaks are unavoidable but you will still need to ask permission and then you will need to sign out and sign back in.
  • Remain seated until the period ends. Please do not stand up near the door.
  • Textbook inspections will be made after every cycle to assess any damage/graffiti; it is your responsibility to keep it clean and damage/graffiti free!
  • Please keep in mind if a student borrows a textbook to take home, it must be checked out and checked in. Copied sections of the textbook are available to be borrowed.   A clipboard will be available for sign-outs and sign-ins on the bookshelf. A book not returned will result in a book fee.

7th Grade Health Cycle Dates

CYCLE 1: September 3- October 28th (36 Days)

CYCLE 2: October 29- January 2nd (36 Days) 

CYCLE 3: January 3- February 25 (36 Days)

CYCLE 4: February 26-April 22 (36 Days) 

CYCLE 5: April 23- June 19 (40 days) (Snow Days)