Safety Contract

Safety Contract

During our inquiries, unsafe behavior must be avoided.  Understanding and following these specific rules will help us make the most of our science inquiries and allow every student to learn.

  1. I will not misbehave in the laboratory or play with laboratory equipment or materials.  I will not engage in behavior that is disruptive or dangerous or that interferes with another student’s right to learn.

  2. I will protect my eyes, face and hands while engaging in lab activities by wearing safety goggles and, when needed, latex gloves or other protective gear.

  3. I will work only at my assigned station.

  4. I will follow all written and oral instructions.  I will wait until I receive my teacher’s permission to begin a lab activity.

  5. I will not carry out unassigned lab experiments without my teacher’s permission.

  6. I will not eat, drink or taste anything in the laboratory.  This includes food and drink as well as science inquiry supplies.

  7. I will wash my hands thoroughly after using chemicals and lab equipment.  When using chemicals, I will not touch my mouth, lips or eyes until after I have washed my hands.

  8. I will report any injury or accident to my teacher immediately.

I understand that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in these consequences:

  • being removed from class

  • losing credit for the work that is done during my absence

  • writing an explanation of my actions (behavior reflection) and a plan to restore or replace damaged equipment