Homework Expectations

  • Homework Policy

     It is the responsibility of each student to write down every assignment in his/her agenda planner.

    1. Homework will not be given every day.  
    2. Homework assignments must be completed by their due date to receive credit.  Late assignments will be accepted for 70% credit until the end of the current unit of study.  Any assignments turned in after the conclusion of the unit of study (unit test) will not earn credit.
    3. When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the missed work when he/she returns and promptly turn in the assignment(s).  The number of days the student was absent equals the number of days the student will have to complete all missed assignments for credit.  If absent for more than one day, please inform the office and they will send a homework request form to me.
    4. Students are expected to perform their best work, such as answering questions in complete sentences and writing neatly.  If little effort is put forth, partial credit will be given for the assignment.
    5. Homework is reviewed in class.  Students are required to make all necessary corrections and may be asked to show corrections.
    6. Homework assignments will be posted weekly for students to access on Google Classroom