Welcome to Mrs. B.'s Class

 A butterfly
Welcome to 2nd Grade!
Week of April 14,  2024
 Fundations- We will be continuing with homophones.  We will also be learning about spelling patterns when adding -ed and -ing to words.
Our April words are as follows: 
1. another
2. between
3. tried
4. early
5. idea
6. morning
7. quiet
8. picture
9. right
11. sure
12. their
Our test will be on Tuesday, April 30th
Math-Students will be continuing with measuremnt.   We will be estimating lengths of measurements.   Our test will be on Tuesday.  Our next chapter students will compare lengths.  We will continue with our timed tests including both addition and sutraction.
 Writing-We will continue with our poetry unit.  Students are working hard on publishing new types of poems daily and integrating adjectives, rhyming words and alliteration.
Reading Workshop-We will be learning how to read poems and limericks.  
Social Studies-We be learing about producers and consumers.  
  Please sign and return all tests.
Please wear red on Friday for Autism Acceptance
Take your child to work day-4/25
Rainbow Day -4/26-Wear Yellow
Students should be reading for 15 minutes every night.  (5 lottery tickets will come home.  For every 15 minutes your child reads, please fill a ticket out)  If one night they read for 30 minutes, they may fill out 2 tickets.  The winner will be drawn on Friday.    Congratulations to Anushka, last week's winner. Please be mindful of the color tickets that get sent home on Monday.  These are the only tickets that can be used for the week.  

Our Class Activation Code: L66Q6