Weekly Summary

Welcome to

Ms. Collison's

Second Grade Class!



February 2023          



Unit 2-Understanding Three Digit Numbers-

This unit extends students' understanding of adding and subtracting within 100.

The major themes are:

  • You can use what you know about tens and ones to help you add numbers by place value.
  • Adding or subtracting from a tens number can make the problem easier.  Knowing how to break apart numbers to get you to the nearest ten can help solve the problem
  • Models help represent word problems. Knowing how to create a good model will help solve one- or two step problems.

Writing-  Informational Books- Students will begin by choosing a topic that they are an expert in.  They will then learn more about the topic and take notes.  Students will create a chapter book about their topic including non fiction text features.

Reading- In unit 2, readers will explore Non Fiction.  The students will discover unique ways to stop and jot about their new learning.  They will also learn how authors of informational books use various structures to help the reader learn more about the topic.              

Fundations- Unit 9.  In this unit, students will focus on the er, ir, and ur sounds. They will also be able to combine r-controlled syllables with other syllable types.

Science- Erosion and Earth's Surface- In this unit, students explore how water shapes the Earth's surface. Students construct and use models of mountains to demonstrate that water flows downhill, and in the process, transforms huge rocks into the tiny grains of sand we find at the beach. Students also construct and use model hills to determine the causes of erosion, and to design solutions to problems caused by erosion.