School-Home Connection

                                                                  School-Home Connection                                

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                                                                           Contact Information

                                                                           Online (Subscribe to the website!)

                                                                      glaNce of the week letter sent home on Fridays



                                                                           Call to set up a time to talk






One of the easiest and most convenient methods to maintain our school-home connection and partnership is through email.  Email provides a consistent opportunity to share information. 

Please also use notes or email to make comments, indicate concerns, ask questions, arrange a time to speak and inform the staff and school of any pertinent information (i.e. change in routine at home,altered pick-up time). Of course, you are welcome to share events from home (i.e. a visit from a family member, an outing). We can incorporate the information in lessons (i.e. expanding vocabulary, recalling information, answering questions and conversation).


Friday Letter (Peek of the Week)

Friday letters will be sent home via email.  This letter will provide a glimpse of your child’s week. The information will be a combination of academic, behavior, social skills and special events.  If there is any additional information you are seeking, please make your request.