Ms. Evins' Online Class

Good morning 3E! Welcome to our online class. Don't forget to complete the attendance form.  Have fun completing today's assignments.

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Today is Tuesday, June 16, Day 1. 

Good morning!  Happy last day of third grade!  Hope it's a great one!

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 Mrs. Tugya's Daily Greeting, Tuesday June 16

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Students who receive Reading ASAP, ELL, Speech, etc. should visit those teachers' webpages daily.

Students who receive Math ASAP should visit Mrs. Carroll's webpage every Tuesday.

Please be sure to check the chart for today's specials and visit the web pages of those teachers.

Day Specials Teacher Link
1 P.E.

Ms. Pellerin

Ms. Pellerin's page

2 World Language and Art

Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Sage   

Sra. Jackson's Page

Mrs. Sage's Page

3 P.E.

Ms. Pellerin

Ms. Pellerin's Page

4 World Language and Music

Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Gant

Sra. Jackson's Page

Mr. Gant's Page  Google Classroom code jdbyuic

5 P.E.

Ms. Pellerin

Ms. Pellerin's Page

6 World Language and Library

Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. La Neve

Sra. Jackson's Page

Mrs. La Neve's Page


Ms. Pech has created a Google Classroom for online counseling and mindfulness resources. Join her classroom with the class code: 6ia6znl. Please check in for weekly updates, fun lessons and mindfulness videos!
Here are your assignments for today.
   Date:  Tuesday, June 16        Day 1  


Assignment Details

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Our farewell class meeting will be at 12:00 today!  Please join us!




Fact Practice! Select the link to games for each operation! Multiplication or Division

*You may need to allow Flash to play!

25 minutes


Listen to the read aloud Last Day Blues

20 minutes


Father’s Day Activity 

*This Sunday is Father's Day. You can print the activities linked in Google Classroom or use the ideas to inspire your own creation! You can create for your dad, Grandfather, or another special man in your life. Have fun and remember to hold on to it until Sunday!

 20 minutes