Third Grade News

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   Third Grade News

Ms. Evins
Week of March 9, 2020
Many students need new earbuds/headphones because theirs are broken.  The students need these for many of the electronic resources we use (iReady, Epic, science).  Some students have headphones rather than earbuds and these seem to be more comfortable for the students and seem to last longer.  Feel free to send in headphones if you wish!  Thank you!
Dates to remember:
3/12     CAP program
3/17      Yoga
Word of the Week:  dingy (adjective) dirty; soiled; shabby
Please try to incorporate our Word of the Week into conversations with your child!
Language Arts
We are working in our third reading unit, Narrative Non-Fiction (biography). The students will meet their new reading/writing partner.  We continue to focus on the structure of a biography and how it is similar to that of fiction (subject, events, obstacles, accomplishments).  When the students have finished a biography, they are creating a short summary of the person they read about.  

We are working in our third writing unit, Persuasive Writing.  The students will begin brainstorming ideas for their persuasive speeches and trying them out in their Writer's Notebooks.  They will think about the best things (vacation spot, sport, pet, etc.), problems they see (playground equipment, not enough time for lunch, etc.) and "shoulds" (kids should wear uniforms, kids should have a morning recess, etc.).  We will study some persuasive speeches to see what we notice about them.  We will begin writing strong thesis statements for our speeches and developing reasons and details to support our opinions.


We are working in Unit 3, Multiplication:  Finding Area, Solving Word Problems and Using Scaled Graphs. 

We will start and complete Lesson 19, Scaled Graphs, this week.  The Lesson 19 quiz will be given on Friday.

The students should be spending a few minutes each night practicing their multiplication or division facts, especially if they did not pass their Rocket Math quiz that day.

Social Studies 

We are working in our second unit, Motion and Matter.  This week we will review what we learned about forces in the first Investigation.  We will start our second Investigation, Patterns of Motion.  The students will build wheel-and-axle systems and discover how we can change their motion.