Fifth Grade Essential Skills and Lesson Progressions

Grade 5

Essential Skills

multiply 1 digit by up to 4-digit numbers
read,write,compare decimals to hundredths
add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators
multiply multidigit whole numbers
multiply fractions by whole numbers
multiply fractions and whole numbers by fractions
solve word problems using multiplication and division
identify angles and parallel and perpendicular lines
create and use number lines

Click on a link for a video overview of the unit's skills and the manner it which they will be taught

Unit 1: Whole Number Operations and Applications (Volume, Multiplication, & Division)

Unit 2: Decimals & Fractions (Place Value, Addition, & Subtraction)

Unit 3: More Decimals & Fractions (Multiplication & Division)

Unit 4: Measurement, Data, & Geometry (Converting Units, Using Data, & Classifying Figures)

Unit 5: Algebraic Thinking & The Coordinate Plane (Expressions, Graphing Points, Patterns, & Relationships)