Fourth Grade Essential Skills and Lesson Progressions

Grade 4 Essential Skills

add within 1,000
understand the relationship between multiplication and division
solve two-step word problems
multiply one digit by tens
recognize and generate equivalent fractions
fractions greater than 1 on a number line
understand and use place value charts
recognize attributes of shapes

Click on these links to videos that provide an overview of each unit's skills and the manner in which they will be taught

Unit 1: Whole Numbers (Place Value, Comparison, Addition & Subtraction)

Unit 2: Operations (Multiplication, Division, & Algebraic Thinking)

Unit 3: Multi-Digit Operations & Measurement (Multiplication, Division, Perimeter & Area)

Unit 4: Fractions, Decimals, & Measurement (Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication)

Unit 5: Geometry & Measurement (Figures, Classification, & Symmetry)