Woodland: Important Info Re: Halloween Parade

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Due to the rain forecasted for Thursday, October 31st, our annual Halloween parade will take place indoors this year.   


Woodland families and visitors will enter the building by the gym.

  • Doors will open at 2 p.m. to allow families and visitors ample time to be seated in the bleachers for the parade.  
  • Parents and visitors will sign in at one of the registration tables and receive a wristband. Visitors are asked to wear the wristbands while they are in the building. 
  •  If you have not already completed the RSVP to our evite, it is recommended that you do so now.  ALL visitors must be listed on the evite.   Failure to RSVP may result in the visitor missing some or all of the parade.   
  • Doors will be closed at 2:40pm and no one will be allowed entrance after that time since the parade will have started.  It is critical that you arrive between 2 and 2:40pm.   Carpooling is strongly encouraged. 
  • The parade will begin at about 2:40.  Parents and visitors will remain in the gym, where they will have a chance to see the children as they parade in their Halloween costumes.


At the conclusion of the parade:

  • Students will line up by homeroom in the APR.  

After all students are in their homeroom lines, parents will be asked to go to the APR. We anticipate many parents and visitors for the parade; therefore, we ask that just one parent report to the APR to sign out their child/ren if they are going home after the parade.