Important information from the Elementary Principals

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Dear Parents,


Technology and content on the internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  Oftentimes, our children know about new developments before we as parents or teachers do.


This week, stories are in the news about Fortnite, MineCraft, and the MoMo Challenge.  Next month, a host of others may take their place.  It is important that as a community of school and family, we continue to be vigilant about monitoring and protecting our children.  In school, we continue to closely monitor student usage of devices, provide lessons on appropriate use of technology, and counsel students on what to do when something may seem suspicious.  We are also sharing two resources that we feel might be of help. One is a list of tips provided by our school counselors that can serve as guide for you at home.  The other is an article geared towards how addictive some apps and software are.   Hard copies have also been attached to this email in the event you are unable to open the links.


Thank you for partnering with us in helping our kids stay safe.  


The Elementary Principals