Important information from Woodland School

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Important Information:


  American Education Week Visits-   

          Parents are invited to visit classrooms this Thursday, November 15th from 1:40-2:40pm and/or Friday, November 16th from 9:30-10:30am.  The teachers will conduct classes as they normally do each day.  We appreciate your entering classrooms quietly and respectfully.  Please be sure to silence your cellular phones when you are visiting the classroom.  Please note that younger siblings and/or children may NOT attend.  Visitors will be asked to sign in and wear a Visitor Badge while in the building.




  Spirit Day- 

            The next Spirit Day is this Friday, November 16th.  Students are encouraged to come to school with a character trait on their shirt.  Some examples are compassionate, kind, trustworthy, hard working and friendly.  Students are encouraged to think of a character trait that they feel is most important or something that they are working on.  The words can be taped onto a shirt, written on an old shirt or perhaps you have a shirt with a character trait on it.



           As the weather gets colder I would like to remind you to please send your child in with a good jacket, gloves and a hat.  We make every effort to get students outside for recess as they need the exercise.


    100,000 Thank Yous (to our brave troops)

            The Woodland staff and students are taking part in the 100,000 Thank You Challenge started by the 94.7 radio station.  In short, the radio station is working to collect 100,000 thank yous to send to our troops overseas.  I challenged all of the students and staff to write a letter to help get to the 100,000 total.  Students were told that they can write more than one letter and can encourage family members to do the same.  There is a collection box in the office.  The letters will be picked up on November 20th.   Thank you to Warren Township resident John Grochowski and his three children for bringing this wonderful idea to our school.  November is the month of Thanks and our brave men and women overseas certainly deserve all of the thanks in the world.