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Nutritional Guidelines from our School Nurse


In an effort to create consistency among schools and strike a balance between parents who feel there are too many school parties and those that delight in school celebrations, the following guidelines go into effect September 2013.

New Nutrition Guidelines Effective September 2013

  • Each class is permitted 5 classroom/school wide parties to be determined by the teacher

  • Students celebrating birthdays may continue to bring in a treat from the approved list

  • Any additional  food related celebrations must receive prior approval from the principal

During EACH Party Celebration ONLY the following items are allowed:

  1. To drink: ONLY WATER

  2. ONE sweet treatoff the district approved list (brought by ONE parent)


  1. ONE savory treat (pretzel, goldfish or popcorn) (brought by ONE parent)

  2. ONE fruit or vegetable platter (brought by ONE parent)

No other celebrations or rewards for the class can involve food.


Warren Township Schools
Effective September 2012
Approved Foods for School Wide/ Classroom Celebrations and Parties

Homemade items made from scratch (NO SPRINKLES, COLORED SUGARS, GEL, OR ANY TYPE OF DECORATION ALLOWED) are welcomed as long as they are limited to cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins or rice krispie treats.  Please avoid nut ingredients in baking. If using a boxed baking product, only the brands listed below are permitted.  Boxes and containers of ALL ingredients must be brought in along with food.

Cake Mix, Brownie Mix, Muffin Mix and Frosting

Betty Crocker

Pillsbury (EXCEPT the refrigerated premade batter i.e. slice and bake)

Gloriously Gluten (gluten free) 267 Main Ave., Stirling 908-647-7337

Shop Rite Brand cupcakes



Entenmanns- Little Bites and small donuts: glazed, chocolate, powdered



Chips Ahoy- Chocolate Chip

Oreos (regular, golden, or minis)

Hershey chocolate chips (NOT Tollhouse or Ghirardelli)

Barnum Animal Crackers


Fresh FruitFresh Vegetables: baby carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, cucumber, etc.

Other Snacks

Pudding Snacks (Jello-O brand) Kellogg’s brand Rice Krispie Treats (original)

Ice PopsPretzels (most brands, but NOT Snyders)

Philly Swirls (gluten, nut, dairy free)Goldfish crackers

Parents of students with food allergies or food intolerances may bring in a separate supply of snacks for their child as needed for classroom celebrations. ***Please continue to check ingredients on all labels as they are subject to change. Include all ingredient lists with food whether store bought or homemade.