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Contagious Illness


If you have received notification that strep was reported in your child’s class, please see your pediatrician for any complaints of sore throat, with or without fever, stomachache or nausea, flushing of cheeks or you notice a rash over the trunk or extremities. Sometimes a child may have only very mild symptoms but is still contagious.

 IF YOUR CHILD IS DIAGNOSED WITH STREP OR ANY OTHER CONTAGIOUS ILLNESS, PLEASE CALL THE HEALTH OFFICE SO I MAY SEND A NOTICE OUT TO PARENTS. As per district policy, your child must stay home for 24 hours on antibiotics and be fever free without the use of Tylenol or Advil. Most importantly, your child should feel well enough to complete the school day when he/she returns.  Your pediatrician may say your child can come back sooner, however, the policy states the child must stay home at a minimum of 24 hours on antibiotics.

The school has been diligent in cleaning classrooms; disinfecting door knobs and reminding children to hand wash more often. Please remind your child at home to wash hands before eating, after using the bathroom and using tissues.

  Please encourage your child to BRING A WATER BOTTLE to school rather than using the fountains.