Mt. Horeb School Clubs for 2019-20

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Mt. Horeb Clubs!



Due to the many talents of our skilled staff, we once again have a robust offering of before and after school clubs that may interest your children.  Please read the descriptions below, make a note of the date and time, and use the live links to sign your children up.  Here is the schedule of club offerings which includes PTO clubs (separate sign up) and our very own Band and Strings morning rehearsals which begin later in the year.  More communication from Dr. Weber will be coming later this fall.  Thanks!


Club Schedule

Monday AM

Tuesday AM

Wednesday AM

Thursday AM

Friday AM

Drama 3, 4, 5

(first half of year)

Book Club K, 1    (first half of year)

Strings 4, 5

Band 4, 5

Sports Club 4, 5

Little iBuilders 1,2,3

(first half of year)

Gators Give Back 4, 5




iBuilders 3,4,5

(2nd half of year)

Kahoot K, 1         (2nd half of year)




Monday PM

Tuesday PM

Wednesday PM

Thursday PM

Friday PM

Girls on the Run

Mindfulness Matters 3, 4, 5

PTO On the Court Basketball

PTO - Gotta Dance - K-5 (Winter)

Chess Club 3, 4, 5 (1st half of year)

PTO Soccer



Girls on the Run

Animal Club 1, 2




PTO Lacrosse      (Fall & Spring)

Garden Club 3, 4, 5 (2nd half of year)


Drama Club: Mrs. Jackson & Mrs. Annese

Monday Before School

We are so excited to present this club! The goals of the Drama Club are to have students work cooperatively in putting on a musical, learn the important roles connected with a performance,  individually challenge themselves ( actors, singers, dancers, backstage) and develop an appreciation for the art of drama. This year we are inviting 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to come and join us!  Students will prepare a song or part of a song for their audition. The audition is used for best placement in the show. Auditions will take place the week of September 16. Please look for info sent home on when your child needs to come in. Every student who signs up for this club is part of the production. The final production is presented to the school and families. We meet Monday mornings.

Click here to sign up for Drama Club



Little iBuilder’s Club (Fall/Winter Session) Grades 1-3:  Ms. Burkhardt

iBuild Club (Winter/Spring Session) Grades 3-5:  Ms. Burkhardt

Monday Before School

Do you  enjoy hanging out with your friends building with Knex, Legos and Magnet toys?  Do you like to be given a challenge or problem and figure out how to fix or solve it?  Do you just like to build anything? If the answer is yes, then this is the club for you!

Each session will be 15 weeks long. In order to accommodate as many students as possible, 3rd Grade students may choose which (one) session they would like to attend.

Click here to sign up for iBuild!


Mindfulness Matters: Mr. G

Tuesday After School

Mindfulness Matters is a club for students in grades 3-5 that will be run by Mr. G. The club will meet 15 times on select Tuesdays after school starting on September 24. Students will learn strategies to help increase attention to the present moment and develop the ability to sustain a calm, collected, and focused state. Students will be taught strategies that they can apply in their daily life to help them slow down and pay attention to what is truly important: what is happening at this particular moment in time.

Click here to sign up for Mindfulness Matters!


Book Club: Miss Maag

Tuesday Before School

Calling all readers!  Does your child love Pete the Cat, Piggie and Elephant, and Eric Carle? If so, they'll love Mount Horeb's Book Club, open to Kindergarten and First Grade students.We will be reading and discussing beloved children's books and series. Each read aloud will be followed by an engaging game/art project/activity. Book Club will meet 15 times before school on Tuesdays beginning September 24th.

Click here to sign up for Book Club!


Kahoot Club: Miss Maag

Tuesday Before School

Kahoot Club will turn regular old Tuesday Mornings in to a fun-filled game show! Miss Maag will be the host and Kindergartners & First Graders will be the contestants.  K-1 students will enjoy friendly competition in Kahoot’s Jeopardy! style quizzes. Students will test their knowledge in fun categories such as: Animals, T.V./Movies, Sports, Community, etc. Students will build confidence competing as individuals and will build teamwork skills playing as a team. Kahoot Club will meet for 15 sessions before school on Tuesdays beginning January 28th.

Click here to sign up for Kahoot Club!



Gators Give Back - Ms. Andrews

Tuesday Before School

Mt. Horeb is once again going to GIVE BACK to our community.  Under the direction of       Ms. Andrews, students in grades 4 and 5 will work to see how they can think outside of our school and community and contribute to the greater good.  As we all know, giving warms the soul and helps us connect with and empathize with those less fortunate or in some way, in need.  Join Ms. Andrews on Tuesday mornings at 7:40 starting on September 24th.  This club is on a first come basis, and will only allow 15 members.  Please sign-up using the link listed below. Ms. Andrews will send a confirmation email to confirm that your child is in the club. Please email me with any questions or concerns at

Click here to sign up for Gators Give Back!


Sports Club: Mr. Lee

Friday Before School

Fall/Winter session =  Grades 4-5

Spring session = Grades 4-5

Running, Jumping, Throwing, and Kicking! Are you ready to play some sports, cheer your friends on, and bring out the best in you? Come join us in sports club which is now divided into two seasonal selections. In Fall/Winter session we will have opportunities to play soccer, european handball, and basketball. In the Spring session we will explore some baseball, kickball, and volleyball. We will be doing some skill drills to hone our skills with each sport. Don’t worry, we will also have time to play the legendary classic Mat Ball in both sessions. Come sign up for Friday mornings starting on October 4th!

Click here to sign up for Sports Club!


Garden Club: Mrs. Kogler

Friday After School

Do you like to dig in the dirt? Plant seeds and see them grow into plants? Are you curious about the birds and the insects that live in our garden? Then come join the Mount Horeb Garden Club! The Garden Club is open to grades 3,4, & 5. We will meet once a week on Friday, after school, starting March 6 from 3:40 until 4:40.  For 15 weeks we will be digging and planting and learning how to care for the garden and the creatures who live there!

Click here to sign up for Garden Club!







Amazing Animal Club (Grades 1-2) - Mrs. Piller

Friday After School

Touch down on our amazing Animal Planet where we’ll explore the animal kingdom through tons of hands-on activities.  Want to learn fascinating facts about cute, cuddly and even strange and scary creatures? Through crafts, stories, games, puzzles and movies you’ll get to go on an adventure! 

This club is lots of fun; yet due to the hands-on nature of our activities, it will be limited to the first 15 applicants. This will be determined according to the time stamp on your Google response form. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at

In case of snow days, there will be no club.  A makeup day will be added to the schedule. We will generally meet on Friday afternoons from 3:20-4:20. The first meeting date will be Friday, September 27.  There will not be a session on October 4th.

Click here to sign up for Amazing Animals!


Chess Club: Mr. Jones

Friday After School

Chess Club is now open to 3rd, 4th, AND 5th graders!  Do you want to learn how to play chess?  Do you already know how to play but want to learn how to beat your parents?  Either way, Chess Club might be for you!  Beginners will learn the basics of how to play the game, while more experienced players will learn new strategies and tactics.  Most importantly, we will play lots of games, including fun variations like “Losing Chess” and “Team Chess.”  Space is limited to 12 participants, so sign up immediately!  Chess Club will run Friday afternoons from 3:20 - 4:20 during the first half of the year (Sept. 27 - Jan. 31).  Email any questions to

Click here to sign up for Chess Club!



PTO Club Information: More information can be found on the PTO’s website.

Monday - Soccer (USA Sports) - Grades 1 - 5

9/23, 10/7, 21, 28, 11/11, 18, 25, 12/2

Wednesday - Basketball (On the Court) - Grades 1 - 5

9/25, 10/2, 16, 23, 30, 11/13, 20, 12/4

Thursday - Lacrosse (Simply Lacrosse) - Grades 1 - 5

9/26, 10/3, 10, 17, 24, 11/14, 11/21, 12/5