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Lice Prevention

Lice Prevention

As of 03/26/2014 there was one case of lice. Student was treated and is being monitored at home and school.

Please remind your children not to share hair accessories, combs, brushes, hats, helmets, etc. Please encourage your daughters with long hair to keep it in a ponytail/braid . Remind your child not to pile his/her coat,sports or dance gear with others.

If you notice your child is scratching his/her head please bring your child to school or call me so I can check to be sure there are no lice. Sometimes an itchy head can be from a dry scalp,dandruff or from a new shampoo used. In good light, the nits(eggs) can be seen usually behind the ear area or in the nape of the neck. They are yellowish white in appearance and are tear drop shaped. The nits glue themselves onto the hair shaft and when you run your finger down the hair strand it feels like a grain of sand. On the other hand, dandruff is white, and easily comes off the hair. An excellent web site to refer to is www.headlice.org. A combing video on the NPA video theatre is worth a look at. Please go to my link page to see additional web sites that have great pictures of lice and nits.

Policy states that when a student is found to have lice and/or multiple nits he or she will be sent home. They are not to be re-admitted to school or allowed to take the bus for 24 hours from the time of detection and also NOT TO BE RE-ADMITTED UNTIL THE SCHOOL NURSE VERIFIES THAT THE LICE AND THE NITS ARE GONE. WHEN A STUDENT IS FOUND TO BE INFESTED WITH LICE, THE NURSE SHALL CHECK THE CLASSROOM OF THE STUDENT AND WILL ALSO CHECK ANY SIBLINGS AS WELL.


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