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Digital Breakout EDU 2019-20

Check here every few weeks to find a new Breakout EDU Digital challenge.  Let Ms. Burkhardt know if you've broken out!


Keyla and the Bus

Keyla has such fun riding the bus to school today and is excited to ride it home. Help Keyla breakout of her great day at school so she can ride the bus home.

Five Little Pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins were sitting on a gate.

Haunted House Goes Dark on Halloween

Can you save Halloween?

 Talkin' Turkey

Gobble, gobble, squawk, squawk. Can you make the turkey talk?

Thanksgiving Ticket to Feast

It is almost time for our favorite meal of the year! The turkey, the mashed potatoes, the gravy, the delicious vegetables and of course there is always pie! Yum! There is just one thing stopping us from enjoying it all. The Thanksgiving Trickster has locked up our Ticket to Feast, and if we don’t Break Out, we miss out! So work together, solve the clues and Breakout your Ticket to Feast!