Welcome to 6th Grade Science!


6th Grade Science

Parent/Guardian and Student Information

Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful 

Be Prepared 

Be Willing



1st time: One verbal reminder

2nd time: Completion of a behavior reflection/ phone call or email home; student is also given a lunch reflection


Severe Disruption: Student immediately sent to office.

Failure to follow the consequences moves students to the next level of consequences



  1.     Praise, daily
  2.     Positive notes/phone calls home
  3.     Class awards
  4.     Joy of learning 


Safety Contract


During our inquiries, unsafe behavior must be avoided.  Understanding and following these specific rules will help us make the most of our science inquiries and allow every student to learn.

  1. I will behave in the laboratory and use laboratory equipment or materials safely.  I will engage in behavior that is safe, focused and preserves another student’s right to learn.
  2. I will protect my eyes, face and hands while engaging in lab activities by wearing safety goggles and, when needed, latex gloves or other protective gear.
  3. I will work only at my assigned station.
  4. I will follow all written and oral instructions.  I will wait until I receive my teacher’s permission to begin a lab activity.
  5. I will carry out only assigned lab experiments.
  6. I will not eat, drink or taste anything in the laboratory.  This includes food and drink as well as science inquiry supplies.
  7. I will wash my hands thoroughly after using chemicals and lab equipment.  When using chemicals, I will not touch my mouth, lips or eyes until after I have washed my hands.
  8. I will report any injury or accident to my teacher immediately.

I understand that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in these consequences:

  • being removed from class
  • losing credit for the work that is done during my absence
  • writing an explanation of my actions (behavior reflection) and a plan to restore or replace damaged equipment




 The grading policy has been set up to allow ALL active learners the opportunity for success.


Assessments- Assessments are based on the NGSS standards. They will show if students have mastered content through application of higher level thinking skills, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. 

  1. Range from 25-100 points depending on how much content is covered in the assessment.
  2. When absent on the day of an assessment,, students must be ready to take it  when he/she returns to school
  3. Grades for assessments are posted online as promptly as possible.  Please feel free to contact the teacher to discuss your student’s test performance.


Homework- includes reading assignments, online work, and vocabulary.

  1. Points will vary depending on the length and complexity of the assignment


Projects- product that shows evidence of learning

  1. Students are usually given adequate time in class to begin most projects.
  2. Points will vary by project


 Classwork/Exit Tickets/Participation/Engagement

  1. A rubric will be used to assign points. This rubric can be found in your students' reference section of their notebook. 
  2. Exit Tickets assess students' understanding of content in class. Students are able to use all sections of their notebook to answer the questions. 


Explanations- (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning)

  1. Inquiries and projects conducted in class
  2. Some parts will be completed in class, other parts as independent homework
  3. Due 2 to 5 days after inquiry or project is begun
  4. 1 or 2 each marking period
  5. Graded on a rubric
  6. Points will vary depending on assignment



Homework Policy


  1. It is the responsibility of each student to write down every assignment in his/her agenda planner.
  2. Homework will not be given every day.  Assignments will be scheduled on as much as possible
  3. Homework assignments must be completed by their due date to receive credit.  Late assignments will be accepted for 70% credit until the end of the current unit of study.  Any assignments turned in after the conclusion of the unit of study (unit test) will not earn credit.
  4. When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the missed work when he/she returns and promptly turn in the assignment(s).  The classroom science notebook contains the material covered during each class.  The number of days the student was absent equals the number of days the student will have to complete all missed assignments for credit.  If absent for more than one day, please inform the office and they will send a homework request form to me.
  5. A science notebook and extra copies of all handouts are kept in the classroom for students to ensure their notebook is complete and organized.  
  6. Students are expected to perform their best work, such as answering questions in complete sentences and writing neatly.  If little effort is put forth, partial credit will be given for the assignment.
  7. Homework is reviewed in class.  Students are required to make all necessary corrections and may be asked to show corrections.
  8. Homework assignments will be posted weekly for both parents and students to access on http://www.warrentboe.org/schools/middle/teacherpages/site/mkraminitz   Students are responsible for the homework that is posted in the classroom.