Supplies and Contact Information

Mrs. MaryEllen Weaver, BA, MAT
Math Grade 6 
Warren Middle School
100 Old Stirling Road
Warren, New Jersey
908-753-5300 x6083

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Welcome to 6th Grade Math with Mrs. Weaver!  
We are going to have a fabulous year!

Supplies you will need for this school year 2022-23

One marble journal notebook

One binder that will be shared with your other Morning/Afternoon classes (depending on when YOU have Math either in the AM or PM) 

2 or more sharpened pencils with erasers 

1 red pen for homework corrections

2 low odor dry erase markers
1 small cloth or white board eraser 

 * and most importantly, bring a positive attitude, a good work ethic,
   and a strong desire to learn!!