WMS Announcements - 2/24/2022

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Good Morning, Warren Middle 


Today is Thursday, February 24, 2022

A Day


Morning Announcements

WMS Daily Student Wellness Check should be completed everyday by 7:35 AM. 





Dates to Remember


2/9 - Report Card (Genesis)

2-15 - WMS Spelling Bee Finals

2/21 - Schools Closed - Presidents Day

2-22 - WMS PTO Meeting @ 9 AM

2-23 - WMS Geography Bee finals

4/15 - 4/22 - Schools Closed - Spring Recess



Birthday Shout Outs


February 19 - Stephen P. 08

February 20 - Rocco D. 06, Cooper M. 08, Neha N. 06, Jesus V. 08 

February 23 - Lilla B. 07 

February 25 - Evan G. 08, Raymond L. 07, Olivia P. 06

February 26 - Jacob B. 08, Michael M. 07, Maria P. 08 

February 27 - Ryan L. 07 

February 28 -  Julia C. 08, Anderson FO 08 

February 29 - Victoria F. 08





The History Club Trivia question of the week:  Valentine’s Day celebration can be traced back to what Roman holiday traditionally celebrated on February 15th?


The History Club is sponsoring the Presidents’ Week Scavenger Hunt tomorrow, Friday 2/25.  Find a president in the halls and collect a prize in room 51.  Find Theodore Roosevelt and get a bonus!




Yesterday was the 2022 WMS Geography Bee where 12 amazing students demonstrated excellent geographical knowledge! Our students went through six grueling rounds of challenging questions.


Congratulations to Ryan Liu who placed third and Shaan Dave who is the first runner-up.


Congratulations to our WMS School Geography Champion, Michael McAusland!


Great job, everyone!


Yesterday was also the WMS Geo-Tee Day where students and staff adorned their favorite shirts boasting a variety of geographical locations throughout the USA and the world. For those students who posted a photo of their geo-tee on the school’s padlet, watch for information about the winners for each category!





Weekly Practices: 3 Days a week 3:00pm-4:15pm  (Thursdays until 4:30pm)




Please reach out to Mr. Ahimovic or Mrs. Buzby if you have any questions. 






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