Daily Morning Announcements

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Dear Parents/Guardians of Middle School Students, 

Daily morning announcements are read every day during the students’ homeroom.  Those announcements are then emailed to all middle school students via their @warrentboe.org email account. The announcements are then emailed to parents that have registered their email(s) to receive daily morning announcements.  In addition, those announcements are posted on the home page of the middle school website​ ​https://www.warrentboe.org/schools/middle/ ​.  ​If you have not registered your email to receive​ ​Daily Morning Announcements ​ , you can do so by going to the​ ​https://www.warrentboe.org/​ under the ​Parents ​ tab on the right side of the screen and click on ​eblast signup ​ . 

Please note that this signup is optional and daily morning announcements are posted everyday to the middle school website if you choose not to receive them directly. 

Thank you, Warren Middle School