WMS Announcements - 2/6/2019

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Today is Day B


“Get to Know Me Day”: Take some time during lunch to get to know the people at your table by participating in the icebreakers left on our lunch table”


  1. Mary Poppins rehearses today after school for scenes Step in Time - song and dance, blocking 4 and 5, line running for family if not on stage.

  2. Honor Band meets tonight at the High School for the Dress Rehearsal. Arrive by 6:45 pm. You must take your instrument home after school.


Congratulations to everyone for making the “Reading Rocks” Book Fair our most successful reading celebration to date! That’s right!  The 595 book purchases well exceeded last year’s total which means in the near future you will see Mr. Villar “on wheels” for one whole day as you met his READ ROCK & ROLL Challenge. Well Done!!!
Now to our team challenge results.  Both 6th grade teams totally rocked the book fair challenges with great enthusiasm and when all the books were tallied it was just TOO CLOSE TO CALL. So…. BOTH 6th grade teams (Blue & White)  are our big winners! With more than 340 books to their combined credit. Ms. Benn and Mr. O’Heney will BOTH be duct-taped as part of our stuck on reading challenge, the 6th graders will receive free ice cream courtesy of the PTO AND they will have one week of lunches with either music or a movie! Congratulations to everyone in 6th grade.
The other big news of the book fair was the 7th grade blue team.  They didn’t quite catch the 6th grade teams, however their book tally was impressive and historic.  This one team accounted for more than 70% of the total books purchased by the 7th grade and their book tally was greater than the entire 8th grade and other 7th grade teams combined.  Wow! Their sustained enthusiasm for books and reading is noteworthy and they are therefore the overwhelming winners in 7th grade and will get to “stick it to” Mr. Arnold in the stuck on reading challenge.  7th Grade Blue Team rocks!
It was a close contest in 8th grade, with the 8th grade Blue team pulling out a narrow win over the white and red teams.
Stay tuned for more details about the challenge dates and enjoy all those wonderful books – reading rocks!


The fourth Continental Math meet will take place this Friday, February 8th during periods 1-6 in the E2 room (32). You choose one period to come take the 6 problem test.

Students must obtain permission from their teacher to miss any class or take it during your guide and lunch. If you have questions, see Mrs. Cooper in room 32.


No Archery until after Basketball is over in February. ~ Mr. Seremula


Registration for Spring Sports is available on Form releaf. The deadline for registration and sports form submission is March 11th any questions see Nurse Lontai.


Teachers remember to POST your daily attendance by 8:30 am each day.  


PTO News!


All proceeds from snack sales will go toward reducing the cost of your grade class trip so don’t forget to send your child in with money!


Our school is looking to raise funds via Box Top and Amazon Smile.  All of these methods will generate money for our school at NO COST to you.


Box Tops! We would love your support in collecting them. Box Tops are located on many items and they are worth 10 cents each. All you have to do is cut them out and send them to school with your child.  Please see the attach document for detail information.


Lost and Found!  Let's try to keep the number of items unclaimed down this marking period.  It only takes a moment to check the rails and boxes in the APR at lunch or check the Instagram.  Thank you!


For PTO information, please visit the PTO website @ https://wmspto.membershiptoolkit.com or you can also access the PTO page directly from the Middle School webpage @ https://www.warrentboe.org/schools/middle