WMS Announcements - 5/16/2018

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This Friday is fruit and veggie tasting with the PTO and Nurse Lontai during lunches!!
Try not to skip meals, especially breakfast! Skipping meals puts stress on the body and slows down many processes that happen in your body.
Reminder Track Team Girls:  Please return your shirts and singlets to 
Mr. Hartshorn and boys please return your shirts and singlets to 
Mr. O'Heney.
On Thursday, May 17, you will receive a Google Survey form that will allow you to select electives for 2018-2019. Please complete the survey in guide or at home by Wednesday, May 23. If you have any questions about the elective choices, please speak with Mrs. Scully in guidance.
Do you dance, sing, or have a special talent? The SGA Talent Show is looking for YOU!  The annual talent show will be held during school on Tuesday, June 19th.
Check your school email for the talent show response form...it is due by Friday, May 18th. See Mr. VanTine or Mrs. MacGorman if you have questions.
All Band students in 6th,7th, and 8th Grade need to return the Marching Band Memorial Day Form ASAP to 
Mrs. McCloskey.  First practice is Friday in school.
Today is Day A for 6th Grade.
Today is Day A for 6th Grade.