WMS Announcements - 5/14/2018

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7th and 8th Grade Band has a joint rehearsal this morning period 1 and 2 on stage.

All Marching Band Forms for 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Bands are due now. Please bring them down to the Band Room.
6th Grade Band will extend rehearsal into guide today. Please speak with your guide teachers before period 3.
This Friday the PTO and Nurse Lontai will be hosting a fruit and veggie tasting at lunch.  If you don't like fruits and vegetables, keep trying new ones!  It can take up to 10 tries before you begin to like a new food. Who knows - it may become one of your favorites!
Do you dance, sing or have a special talent? The SGA Talent Show is looking for YOU!  The annual talent show will be held during school on Tuesday June 19th.  Check your school email for the talent show response form...it is due by Friday, May 18th. See Mr. VanTine or Mrs. MacGorman if you have questions.
Today is Day A