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Contact Page
A contact book
How to contact us
A pallet with a paint brush
Weekly Summary
Magnifying glass
Summary of each week
Monthly Word Wall Words
Pencil and paper
These are words that the students get each month. They will be tested on them at the end of the month.
Online Resources
These are online resources that your child can use anytime.
Phonics Games- Grades K-3
A lightbulb
These are different website that will allow students to practice their spelling patterns, and other learned phonics online.
Math Practice Games- Grade K-3
These are online games for your child to practice the strategies and concepts taught in class.
Back To School Night 2023
Please feel free to look through our presentation from Back To School Night.
Mrs. Kurilla
Grade Two
Central School
908.753.5300 ext.6231
Ms. Hecht
Grade Two
Central School
908.753.5300 ext.6231