Weekly Update

Check here each week to find out what your second grader is learning!  Welcome to second grade!!!  Below is what your child will be learning this week!  Check back each Monday to see what's coming for the new week.

Reading/Writing:  We will complete our work with the big book, Raven Day in the early part of the week.  We will then move into a new big book entitled Fun and Games. Through this book, the children will learn to make comparisons and understand conflict in a story.  In writing, we have moved away from fiction and into nonfiction writing.  The children have all chosen an animal to write about.  As I requested in an email sent home, if you could take your child to the Warren library, I'd greatly appreciate it.  The children will need some grade level appropriate, nonfiction books about the animal they've chosen to write about. With our school library undergoing renovations, we have only a very limited supply of books.  

Fundations: We will complete Unit 11 this week and then move into Unit 12. This new unit focuses on the next set of vowel teams: oi and oy. The children will learn that oy is reserved for the ends of words and that oi is used at the beginning or in the middle of words.  

Math: I'm not pleased with the way the children did on the Lesson 18 quiz. It was exceptionally difficult and the children needed a great deal of assistance.  I am, therefore, not going to count it and I'm not sending it home.  The low grades are not reflective of how well the children learned the material and there is simply no need to you or them to be upset by a number that doesn't reflect the success they had in the classroom.  I hope that makes sense and that you agree with my decision.  We are now working on Lesson 19 in which the children will learn how to add three numbers (ex: 25+14+38=).  

Social Studies:  The children did quite well on their history test. We will return to social studies upon completion of our new science unit.

Science:   This week the children will discover how to make a sand sculpture as well as a clay bead. They will discuss hwy clay is the best material for making beads as well.  Be sure to ask all about it!

We enjoyed another visit from Officer Clapp for DARE and look forward to two more over the next two weeks.  


 Have a great week!