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The Early Intervention System (EIS) under the Department of Health & Senior Services (888-653-4463), implements New Jersey’s statewide system of services for infants and toddlers, birth to age three, with developmental delays or disabilities, and their families. The Warren Township School District has a responsibility to locate, identify and evaluate all resident students with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services, including students with disabilities attending non-public schools.

The district locates, identifies and evaluates, where appropriate, the following:

  • Children below school-entry age: 3-5;

  • School-age children and children entering school for the first time;

  • Children enrolled in public and private schools;

  • Transfer pupils and school-age children who are eligible to attend school, but who are not attending school and who are residents of the Warren Township district.

Upon written request, the district will conduct an initial identification meeting for any resident child to determine whether a referral for special education and related services is appropriate. To make such a request, contact Mrs. Candie Hengemuhle , Director of Special Services, Warren Township Public Schools, 213 Mt. Horeb Road, Warren, NJ 07059 or phone 908-753-5300, ext. 5704 or ext. 5705.

The district provides special education and related services for children 3-15.

Information for children with potential disabilities or those with disabilities from birth to age 3 is available through Project Child Find, a service established by the State Department of Education through IDEA, Part B funds from the Federal Department of Education at 888-653-4463 to refer a child to Early Intervention System (NJEIS). For children, birth to age 21 with special health care needs, referrals continue to be made through the 21 county special Child Health Case Management Units. Their website address is http://www.njeis.org/.