Speech and Language Sessions
Parent/Therapist Communication Log and Homework Procedures  
Your child will be provided with a speech/language folder that will be sent home with them at the end of each session. His/her folder will contain a communication log so that we can communicate regularly about your child’s current status, progress, achievements and areas that require more attention. Homework will we also be sent home in the folder, when appropriate, to increase generalization and carry-over of skills learned in the speech room. In order for your child to make adequate progress, practice at home is key. Completing home practice activities with your son/daughter will help him/her develop and maintain speech and language skills. Homework activities will target your child’s specific IEP goals and will be a review of what we worked on in therapy. The frequency and duration of home practice activities will be determined on an individual basis. Remember to speak positivley about your child’s communication and praise them for their best effort. Please initial your child’s communication log indicating that you read my feedback note and completed any assigned home practice activities. I expect your child to bring his/her folder to every speech and language therapy session. Thank you so much for reinforcing your child’s speech and language goals at home!

Homework Evaluation Procedure
At the beginning of the speech-language session, I will review completed home practice activities and the communication log to see if you wrote any questions/feedback/topics that I may reinforce with your child during the session.

Homework Makeup Procedure
If your child misses a speech and language therapy session due to an absence, a home practice activity and/or a feedback note will be provided at the next therapy session.

Extended Absence Due to Family Trip
If your child misses speech and language therapy sessions due to an extended absence, homework and/or feedback will be provided at the next therapy session.

Speech and Language Progress Report Procedure
Progress reports will be sent home at the end of every marking period.