The following developmental norms are used in the Warren Township School District to determine which sounds a child is expected to produce at a specific age (Templin, 1957; Wellman et al., 1931). 

Age Sounds
3 years p, m, h, n, w
4 years b, k, g, d, f, y
6 years t, ng (sing), r, l
7 years ch(chew), sh (sheep), j , voiceless th (think)
8 years s, z, v, voiced th (the) and zh

Tips to boost speech and language skills at home:

  • Talk with your child frequently
  • Read a variety of books and talk with your child about the story
  • Help your child focus on sound patterns of words such as those found in rhyming games
  • Have your child retell stories and talk about events of the day
  •  Talk with your child about the sequence of events happening  in their day (e.g, First- we will have breakfast, then we will get dressed, last we will go to the park)
  • Give directions for your child to follow (e.g., making cookies)
  • Talk about how things are alike and different
  • Ask your child to "predict" what might happen next during a game
  • Play "I spy" using descriptive words (e.g., colors, size, shape)
  • Ask your child open ended questions and give them time to respond
  • Take nature walks and comment on the scenery