Welcome to General Music!

Hello parents and families!


My name is Alice Beals and I am the General Music teacher at both Woodland School and Angelo L Tomaso Elementary School.


General Music is a class your child attends once every 6-day cycle for 50 minutes. Our music class consists of a wide variety of interesting and challenging experiences that present music as a way for children to express themselves, to find enjoyment, and as an academic discipline. In every grade level of general music your child will be singing, moving, playing instruments, listening, creating, and improvising. Music material is presented in a sequence that follows the child's natural ability at various stages of growth. Concepts, skills, and activities are divided into four main standards: creating, performing, connecting, and responding. 


A violin

If you are a 4th or 5th grade parent and would like to contact the Instrumental Music Teacher, Ms. Bonfiglio, please click here.


If you are looking for local piano, voice, or other instrumental teachers please click here.A keybard