GAMES (Juegos)

Good Luck!   (¡Buena suerte!)

  1. If asked for your name in any site, please enter the 1st initial of your 1st and last name (ex. JF or RM). 
  2. If you are asked for a class or hour, please enter your grade (ex. 2 or 3 or 4 or 5)
  3. You will need headsets for some games which have sound. You can always play games using the Hola website in your español folder on your toolbar.
  4. Please let me know if you encounter problems with any of the links below.
  5.  Have FUN and HAPPY LEARNing :-)

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Have FUN  and  ENJOY !


The COLORS (Los  Colores)


The ALPHABET  (El Alfabeto)

The NUMBERS   (Los Números)
Matching 1-10

Drag & Match, Race, Memory Game 1-50 

Concentration 1-100

Concentration 1-10

Word Search 1-100

How to say the numbers 0  -  1,000,000 (1.000.000) 

CALENDAR  (EL Calendario)



The HEAD & The BODY PARTS   (La Cabeza  y   Partes del Cuerpo) 


The CLOTHING   (La Ropa)

Learn and play a game

Learn and play 

The SCHOOL  (La Escuela)

School places 

Classroom Items (Las  cosas  del  salón  de clase) - Multiple choice

Classroom items  (Las  cosas del salón  de clase) 


The ANIMALS   (Los Animales)

The FOOD   (La Comida)

The HOUSE  (La Casa)

Rooms of the House (video)

Learn and play 


The QUESTIONS (Las Preguntas)

Play a game of memory and more to learn how to ask some questions.