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Learn & Practice Pronunciation  (La  Pronunciación)


Learn & Practice Vocabulary (El  Vocabulario) 


Learn & Practice Grammar  (La  Gramática) 

Parts of Speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) 




Top 25 words per category (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.)


Learn & Practice Verbs (Los  Verbos) 


Learn & Practice Greetings / Expressions / Asking Questions  (Saludos / Expresiones  / Las  Preguntas) 


Resources for Advance Learners: 

Spanish Translator:

Spanish Dictionary:

Spanish Verb Conjugation: 

Spanish Language Guide: 

Spanish Flashcards: 

Spanish Grammar (Gender and Articles):  Articles - "The"  and  "a"  and when to use "el, los, la, las, un, una, unos"


100 Most Common Verbs with conjugation