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Jeffrey W. Heaney
Principal-Woodland School
908-753 5300


                        “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”      
                                                                                        --William Butler Yeats


          There is no profession more important than that of an educator.  After all, it is the educator who inspires the future doctor.  It is the educator that motivates the future lawyer and it is the educator who enlightens our future engineers.  It is my belief that every human being has a desire to learn and a potential for great things. My philosophy of education is quite simple.  I believe all students, regardless of disability or demographics can excel.  In order for this to occur an environment must be created that nourishes a child not only academically but also socially and emotionally.  Students must feel connected to their school.   They must find meaning in their learning and be able to see connections to their real lives.   In today’s society we place a lot of emphasis on high stakes tests for students as well as teacher evaluations.  While these both play a critical role in education, they can’t be what we judge our schools and teachers solely on.  We must remember that we are working with human beings.  We must realize that while we are teaching them about math, reading, writing and art we are also giving them valuable life lessons.  The best educators don’t judge their success by the number of A’s that they hand out.  Their success is measured by the impact that they have on the life of a child.  The best educators have an ability to convince a child that they are capable of achieving anything that they believe they can be. 

My goal at Woodland is to foster a climate in which students feel safe, supported and are nurtured academically, socially and emotionally. The most important aspect of education has always been putting the students at the heart of every decision that is made.  My goals include creating a learning environment in which teachers feel motivated, work collaboratively as a team and have a continued excitement for learning. 

          At Woodland School there are three simple rules that I expect students to follow.  They are:

                   Take care of yourself

                   Take care of each other

                   Take care of our school

          The three simple rules are rules that I reinforce as a principal as well as as a father of two young children.  It is these three simple rules that help to build character and help to create productive members of our community.  

I look forward to continue to work with the students, staff and parents of Woodland Elementary School.   Woodland has always had a reputation of excellence and a true commitment to student growth.  It continues to be my intention to maintain this wonderful tradition of excellence while making changes to keep up with our ever changing world. 

          I believe in the partnership between home and school and welcome any questions, concerns or comments.  I am truly honored to be a part of the Woodland family of educators and cannot wait to all of the fun we will have this year! 



                                                                   Jeff Heaney

Jeff Heaney