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Grade 5 Essential Skills and Lesson Progressions


Essential Skills:

  • multiply 1 digit by up to 4-digit numbers
  • read,write,compare decimals to hundredths
  • add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators
  • multiply multidigit whole numbers
  • multiply fractions by whole numbers
  • multiply fractions and whole numbers by fractions
  • solve word problems using multiplication and division
  • identify angles and parallel and perpendicular lines
  • create and use number lines

Want to know more about each Unit?  View the videos below to find out the learning progression for each unit.

Unit 1 Learning Progression Video Whole Number Operations and Applications: Volume, Multiplication, and Division

Unit 2 Learning Progression Video Decimals and Fractions: Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction

Unit 3 Learning Progression Video More Decimals and Fractions: Multiplication and Division

Unit 4 Learning Progression Video Measurement, Data, and Geometry: Converting Units, Using Data, and Classifying Figures

Unit 5 Learning Progression Video Algebraic Thinking and the Coordinate Plane: Expressions, Graphing Points, Patterns and Relationships