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Grade 3 Essential Skills and Lesson Progressions


Essential Skills:

  • add and subtract within 1,000
  • use repeated addition to find totals in arrays
  • multiply by one-digit numbers
  • understand relationship between multiplication and division
  • create and describe halves, thirds, fourths
  • fractions as parts of a whole and as numbers
  • use four operations to solve two-step word problems
  • identify and sort shapes

Want to know more about each Unit?  View the videos below to find out the learning progression for each unit.

Unit 1 Learning Progression Video Three-Digit Numbers: Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction

Unit 2 Learning Progression Video Multiplication and Division: Concepts, Relationships, and Patterns

Unit 3 Learning Progression Video Multiplication: Finding Area, Solving Word Problems, and Using Scaled Graphs

Unit 4 Learning Progression Video Fractions: Equivalence and Comparison, Measurement, and Data

Unit 5 Learning Progression Video Measurement: Time, Liquid Volume, and Mass

Unit 6 Learning Progression Video Shapes: Attributes and Categories, Perimeter and Area, and Partitioning