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   Please check your child's planner daily. There may be reminders for spirit days, important events happening at school, and information about quizzes, tests, or long-term assignments. Additionally, please make sure you check your child's take home folder daily. The students will come home with papers from me or the office that will need to be reviewed at home throughout the school year!


Your child's most important homework is to enjoy being a child - play, discover a hobby, spend time with family! 

The only thing I ask your child does each school night is:

  • Read for 20 minutes
  • Practice math facts - Students should start with addition and move their way into subtraction, multiplication, and division as we learn about these concepts during the year. They can use websites that help practice math facts, timed quizzes, flashcards - whatever works best for your family! 
  • Spelling Page - students will have a worksheet to practice their spelling words in order to prepare for a spelling quiz on Fridays
  • Some nights students may have a math worksheet to complete based on something we are currently learning or a previously taught skill

Homework assignments each night should take a total of about 30 minutes. The assignments should be completed with relative ease. Please contact me if you notice your child experiencing a high level of frustration with any given assignment so that I may assist him/her the next day. I realize that things happen and life can sometimes get in the way.  If your child cannot get to the homework one evening for what you consider to be a valid reason, please email me to let me know that you need an extension.