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Reading Workshop

A person reading
Reading Workshop has 4 parts:
Mini - Lesson  
This part takes place at the beginning of the lesson. The teacher introduces the skills, models strategies, and students have an opportunity to practice using the skill while gathered together.
Independent Reading Time/ Conferencing 
Students read independently for 30 minutes in a spot where they feel most comfortable. This gives students a chance to practice the skills they have learned in the mini - lesson independently. At the same time, the teacher meets with students to conduct conferences or review skills/ strategies if necessary.
Mid - Workshop Teaching Points   
During this part of the lesson the teacher has the opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings or confusion students may have had during the instruction time.
Share/ Partnership/ Book Clubs     
The teacher takes this time to wrap up the lesson of the day. It is  also the time when students can meet with partners or in book clubs to discuss their readings.